xprompt app got approved

Our first medical iPhone/iPod Touch app “xprompt” has been approved by Apple, and is available on the Apple App store. xprompt provides multilingual assistance to medical care staff and patients if they don’t speak the same language, and if no human interpreter is available.

Please visit the detailed xprompt page to see the features, screenshots and a video showing the app in action.

This has been a collaborative effort of many medical professionals all over the world, to produce over “language packs” for over 20 languages, so we give a big thank you to all involved. The phrases have been designed by a medical professional, and each language pack’s phrases have been professionally translated and verified by medical professionals speaking those languages.

We are very proud to have 2 sign languages available among the 22 language packs: British sign language and German sign language. More language packs will be made available soon. We are currently working on a couple of new language packs: Portuguese, Swedish and Vietnamese. As soon as these are available, users can download them from within the xprompt app.

Please send any new feature suggestions to contact[at]blueowlsoftware.com

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